martedì 1 luglio 2014

AGAR Eyewear

AGAR are simple, minimalist but elegant, same frame for prescription lenses or sun lenses. AGAR, the easy view.

The frame of the AGAR glasses is composed by a “main frame” for the positioning of the lenses and the support in the nose of the user, and the two side “temples”. Main frame and temples are connected to each other with patented hinge. The main frame and the two temples are made of 0,5mm sheet metal and can be made with CNC machines (milling or laser). Each lens (prescription or sun) is fixed to the main frame with 4 plastic interlocking pins. The frame (main and temples) may be the natural metal color, chromed and painted, so it can have different colors to the main frame and temples in order to have multiple color combinations.


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